Bethesda “can’t say” it won’t make a multiplayer-only game again after Fallout 76

It's no secret that Fallout 76 had a bit of a rocky start when it launched in 2018. We scored it a five out of ten in our Fallout 76 review, calling it "an encumbered yet empty spin-off", and the MMORPG's scores across its other reviews told a similar story. Since then, though, it's seen a significant turnaround, with huge updates like Wastelanders adding human NPCs and a load of extra content, and there's plenty more on the way, too. And now, Fallout and Elder Scrolls series director Todd Howard has indicated other Bethesda multiplayer-only titles could potentially follow. In an interview with for this year's Develop:Brighton keynote, Howard talks about the studio's experience of developing Fallout 76. "Overall, it's been a really positive experience for us," he tells the site. "It's made us much better developers, much more connected with our community. So I can't say it's going to be a one-off." Additionally, GI reports the dev would want there to be far more beta testing in the event of a future multiplayer title, instead of launching something that was a brand-new experience for most people diving into it, which is something Howard discussed at last year's E3.

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