Urban Strife looks to channel the spirit of Jagged Alliance 2, with zombies

There’s a new tactical RPG slated for release next year. Urban Strife is what happens if you throw zombies at something like the iconic turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance 2. It's the debut title of White Pond Games and is being published by MicroProse, the legendary strategy and simulation publisher that’s in the middle of a comeback. Urban Strife has strong survival game themes and throws you into backwater America, where you’re trying to build up a haven amidst a world that was destroyed by some kind of zombie apocalypse. Apparently it’s due to happen all over again, so you need to build up your base and your community in order to survive. To do this you’ve got to venture out, treat with gangs and rival factions, and collect what resources you can. While the game is described as an “old school” tactical RPG, it is making some concessions to modern design that players might find interesting. Dealing with ‘horde’ type enemies in turn-based strategy games can be especially laborious, and the devs have mentioned they’ve created a special ‘Zombie AI’ to allow simultaneous movement and independent actions. Similar to how The Lost work in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.

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