Microsoft has “nothing to share” on Rainbow Six Siege coming to Game Pass PC

This past weekend, Microsoft dropped a big teaser on its Xbox Game Pass Twitter channel - an image of a historical siege scene under a sky with six rainbows stacked on top of each other. Its meaning was pretty clear: there was some Rainbow Six Siege news to share soon. Sure enough, the company's now announced the FPS game's headed to Xbox Game Pass for console and Android soon. As for whether it'll join the PC Pass in the future isn't yet clear though. Following news of the announcement, we reached out to Microsoft to ask if the company had plans to also bring Ubisoft's shooter to Xbox Game Pass for PC at some point. "We’re always looking at ways to improve the Xbox Game Pass experience," a Microsoft representative told us, "but at this time have nothing to share about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC library." So, it's not a confirmed 'no' as to whether Rainbow Six Siege will join the Xbox Pass for players based on our home platform in the future, as such, but it doesn't seem likely we'll see it hit the PC Game Pass' catalogue any time soon, either.

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