Larian won’t tell us what Baldur’s Gate 3’s Guild of Great Genius is all about

If you've signed Baldur's Gate 3's EULA, you probably owe Larian a song or interpretive dance if you want to get into one of the new PC game's secret guilds. Players swiftly discovered that agreeing to the document means that you've signed up for an "additional quest" to send Larian one "recording of a chant, song, text, poem, or interpretive dance performed by you and extolling your interest in the Forgotten Realms". The prize for doing so? Status as a founding member of the Guild of Great Genius. "Should you decline to undertake and finish this quest within the first three winters following your acceptance of this pact, you forfeit subsequent fame, fortune, and/or infamy as a founding member of our Guild of Great Genius. You hereby grant Larian Studios a worldwide, perpetual, and royalty-free license to share such recordings through Larian Studios' social media channels." Being the passionate, curious journalists we are, we reached out for information as to what the benefits of the club are. We don't just dance for anyone or anything.

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