Keanu Reeves knows why you really want Cyberpunk 2077

Ah, Keanu Reeves. No one is able to oscillate between being effortlessly smooth and gloriously uncool in quite the same way. And, incredibly, he's also now a mind reader to boot. Yes, real-life Keanu features heavily in Cyberpunk 2077's latest trailer, and he's got some questions for you. Chief among them is why on earth you want to visit Night City in the first place? If this trailer is any indication, all you'll be doing during your time there is getting experimented on, shot at, and shoved around. "Why do you come here?", he asks (in a rather pressing manner, I might add). "For fun? For power? Looking for a shock to your system?". But, by some miracle, Keanu already knows the answer – you want to play for all of these reasons. Given the short, snappy nature of the trailer, it's no surprise that it opts to focus on Cyberpunk 2077's action elements. I believe that we've already seen all of the cinematic footage included, but Keanu's presence certainly adds a special something.

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