GTFO now has matchmaking and “layered difficulty”

GTFO, the co-op game about skulking into the depths of a terrifying underground complex, and then doing what it says on the box, has just released Rundown 004, which brings with it new levels, new enemies, and new environments the way past rundowns have done. But it's also bringing with it two huge new features: in-game matchmaking, and something developer 10 Chambers is calling 'layered difficulty.' Since its Early Access launch last December, GTFO has relied on third-party matchmaking to fill out its four-person squads. That's usually been handled at the official GTFO Discord server, which now has more than 200,000 members. You would hop on the server, jump into one of the voice chat rooms, and let everyone know you were looking for a group. Once you had assembled a team, you could head into the depths to explore and hopefully escape together, alive. "As GTFO requires a lot of communication and teamwork, we haven't wanted to use a basic match-making system, as it could generate poor matches and risk giving new players the wrong experience", said Simon Viklund, GTFO's composer and level designer. "We're starting off with it in alpha mode and will continue to develop it iteratively as we go on to see how it works with the volume of players we have."

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