Free Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice GOTY update brings gauntlet mode next week

That big free update that was announced earlier this year for Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice arrives in a few days, and we've a trailer showing it off a little. The content will be part of a new game of the year edition that's Japan-only, for the time-being. Short and sweet, the thirty-second teaser runs through the bullet-points of the new features. Remnants are first, a recording of up-to 30 seconds of gameplay that can be uploaded and shared, so other players can see how good you are, and gleam valuable tips from your samurai know-how. Then there's a montage of bloody kills, all part of the Reflections of Strength and Gauntlets of Strength, two sets of challenges, one old, one new. Reflections are rematches with any bosses you've defeated, accessible through any Sculptor's Idol. You can test new strategies, or maybe just use them to warm-up for the Gauntlets, a fresh set of hurdles that each require completion in a single-life. Given this is From Software, expect these to be as tight and unforgiving as is humanly possible.

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