Final Fantasy 14 gets free login campaign offering “up to 96 hours of free game time”

If you've been taking a break to play something other than Final Fantasy 14 (first of all: why?) Square Enix has a little treat in store for you – a free login campaign. Yes, you can now enjoy up to a grand total of 96 hours of free game time until November 23. That's 96 hours to spend attempting to slay that dreaded red chocobo, Red Comet, or just getting back into the swing of this MMORPG behemoth. There are, however, some limitations on who exactly can participate. For starters, you need to own and have registered the game. Second, your account needs to be inactive throughout the campaign. Third, you can't have played FF14 for at least the past thirty days. That last part isn't overly surprising given that the campaign is really about luring back those who've dropped out for whatever reason. If you're eligible to take part, all you need to do is launch the game, log in, and start playing. But be warned! Your free play period begins immediately after you've logged in.

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