Fan casts Mark Hamill as Uther alongside Cavill as Arthas in WoW movie concept

These are exciting times for fans of actors whose names end in ‘ill’ being cast in a totally hypothetical World of Warcraft movie. After various back-and-forth Twitter rumblings that had many speculating about the idea of Witcher star Henry Cavill playing The Lich King in a WoW movie, one fan has gone ahead and mocked up a portrait of Star Wars legend Mark Hamill as the paladin Uther the Lightbringer. It all started a few days back, when World of Warcraft‘s associate narrative designer Anne Stickney responded to a tweet of Geralt’s Witcher Season 2 armour, to which WoW author Christie Golden replied “on the Arthas train” - referring to the pre-lich-ified paladin. A WoW guide writer, who goes by ‘Slayer Aernath’, agreed, and then asked Warcraft co-founder Chris Metzen for his take. “That Henry [Cavill] would be a good Arthas or that he’s dreamy?” Metzen asked. “Clearly both… d’uh.” Since then, art director BossLogic has uploaded a piece of concept art depicting Henry Cavill as the Lich King, complete with armour and glowing, ice-blue eyes - to which Cavill replied, tagging Blizzard with a ‘thinking’ emoji.

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