Call of Duty – Cold War streamer hits a jumpshot no-scope using a ruddy drum kit

There's nothing quite like the shame and admiration that comes from watching a streamer absolutely trounce the competition in a challenging game using a ridiculous controller. From bongos and guitars to treadmills, we must have seen it all at this point. So, yes, it's entirely possible to succeed using such methods, but just how good can you get using, for example, a drum kit to rack up kills in COD? Streamer DeanoBeano has been at the forefront of this important research, and I'm happy to say that his findings continue to impress. He's been mastering his craft for a while now in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – and has always slain his foes with the utmost style – but a recent clip of him playing Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War features one of his greatest accomplishments to date. Yes, he managed to hit a glorious jumpshot no-scope through a wall – a feat that most would struggle to achieve using conventional control methods, never mind a ruddy drum kit.

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