Apex Legends’ Pathfinder no longer blinds himself when he grapples

October 13, 2020 Respawn has issued a fix to solve the issue.

Respawn Entertainment revealed a bevvy of changes for Apex Legends' cast of combatants last week. There was some cause for joy for Pathfinder mains as the rambunctious robot received a buff. As soon as players started swinging into games, though, they came across an annoying bug that left them partially unsighted. The bug could occur if you used Pathfinder's grappling hook as it left a chunk of his character model on screen. Players noted online that you could get rid of it by vaulting over any object, so you weren't entirely stuffed if it happened. If you were lunging into a fight, though, you might have, eh, got stuffed by the other team. Respawn has fixed it, though, so you have your newly-tweaked Pathfinder back. Respawn changed his grapple cooldown to be reflective of the distance you travelled. So, you won't have to wait the full 35 seconds if you merely hopped onto a nearby ledge. It's also handy as you won't feel as punished for messing up your grapple.

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