Among Us hide-and-seek is the perfect Halloween survival game

Among Us is already a horror game, but if you want to make it a little bit scarier, this hide-and-sake variant should raise the tension. The ruleset for this makeshift survival game has been compiled by a small band of players who set up a convenient Twitter account, to explain the rules and share games for people the join. The major changes are thus: the impostor is known, and rounds take place in the dark. At the start of a game, the impostor announces themselves, either over voice chat or in-game through an emergency meeting, and once the vote has been skipped, they start counting for anything between 10 and 30 seconds (or however long you'd like). Once everyone's hidden, the impostor sabotages the lights, and starts finding and killing people. Nobody reports bodies or fixes the lights, and crewmates try to complete tasks as normal. Rounds end when either all tasks are finished, in which case the crew wins, or there's only one crewmate left, and the impostor reigns victorious.

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