Netflix leaks Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer, CG movie coming 2021

Netflix has accidentally leaked the first trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The CGI movie based on the horror game series will take place in - you guessed it - a gloomy mansion, led by - wouldn't you know it - Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Netflix Portugal posted the minute-long teaser to Twitter, which immediately elated fans of the zombie games. It seems the account was preemptive, and the video has since been taken down down, but this is the internet, so it's been reposted all over. The footage starts with Claire Redfield investigating a dreary cabin, where she discovers some used vials of what's presumably the T-virus, or derivative thereof, and then we cut as she finds a lifeless body sitting in a chair with a shotgun. The next scene is what looks like Chris Redfield having trouble with a zombie somewhere far more decadent, only to be saved by Leon Kennedy. In August, Netflix announced it was producing an eight-episode live-action series based on the games, to which this might be somehow related. This is the fourth CG movie across three production companies to be developed based on the long-running survival games, alongside the run of live-action flicks. Although generally more accurate aesthetically, the animated films tend to be just as ridiculous as the Milla Jovovich-led counterparts, reveling in the power of animation make weird, wild action.

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