Minecraft gets new ray traced worlds and RTX visuals update for free

Remember back in April when Mojang and Nvidia launched the Minecraft with RTX Windows 10 beta? The release ushered in a type of ray tracing to Minecraft called 'path tracing', adding all-new "realistic shadows, lighting, and vibrant colours". Now, the companies have unveiled some shiny new ray traced worlds, alongside an update that enhances the "quality, fidelity, and performance of the path traced visuals". The brand-new Minecraft maps have been revealed on both the building game's and Nvidia's respective sites, as part of Creator Worlds Pack Three. The first of these - titled 'Portal Pioneers RTX' - is from creator Cyclone Designs, and lets you "step through mysterious gateways that transport you into new worlds!" - which, going by the pictures featured, certainly are "dazzling sci-fi inspired worlds" with RTX switched on. "The immersive story comes with a voice over and a helpful robot companion," the description says, adding: "You and your friends can work together to complete challenging puzzles [and] fight unique monsters", too.

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