Microsoft Flight Simulator patch fixes pesky peripheral-related crashing

Now that Microsoft Flight Simulator is here, developer Asobo Studio is busy posting tweaks and tinkerings to improve the simulation game's performance. The latest patch has now landed (pun a little intended), offering some handy fixes that reach across its stability, optimisation, installation, content manager, Simconnect interface, and marketplace. There are two updates to help improve the plane game's stability in the latest patch notes on its site, the first of which targets a pesky hiccup that it seems was causing the sim to crash "when different input devices/peripherals [were] disconnected". The other also prevents a crash, this time when the package for the TBM 930 aircraft is deleted. As for installation fixes, there's a decent handful of minor updates that mostly prevent the process from getting blocked in certain circumstances. For example, if the sim fails to connect to servers or a local user account uses a particular type of characters. In addition, the patch means that the content manager will no longer automatically download packages that you've deleted through it, or "get stuck in an infinite loading state when checked offline". Phew.

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