Marvel’s Avengers first major patch fixes “over 1,000 issues”

The first major patch for Marvel's Avengers has been rolled out, and it fixes a lot of issues. Over 1,000 bugs, glitches, and complaints are addressed in the action-adventure game, in just about every category you care to mention. The patch notes lists everything, and it's quite the list. The campaign is first, and issues addressed include bad save states, pause menus being blocked, and some geometry struggles. Several instances where players could find themselves teleported out of the world, or stuck out of bounds, or stuck inside the walls have been fixed. Multiplayer and matchmaking next, with a considerably shorter amount of tweaks, mostly addressing issues where players are prevented from joining others matches. The UI has been scrubbed up, improving text and localisation, and making notifications clearer. The War Table will now show a different colour when a new mission is available, and if you don't have the appropriate skill, hackable terminals will now explain why they're inaccessible. Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America have all had costume and animation stitch-ups to fix minor cosmetic and control issues.

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